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Important informations for all auctions for foreign customers
Useful and important information
General details
At sight of a personal identification-card every prospective costumer receives a bidder pass. Only this pass empowers you to participate in
the auction.
It is prohibited to carry bags, cases or similar items inside of the auction house. All theft will be prosecuted. If you are interested in one particular item most, it goes without saying that we give you via telephone all the
information that is needed regarding the exact condition of the piece.
We will be glad to take seat reservation and arrangements of hotel accommodations in hand.
Advertising activities of any kind are only allowed with the acknowledgement of the host.
Misprints and errors excepted.
If you are not able to be present during the auction, please make use of the form for written bids on the following page.
If, by mistake, a picture and its corresponding text carry different numbers,
the number of the text shall prevail.
Please note

Sales tax identification number: DE149979806
The pictures and texts in our catalogue and of our internet presentation are our property. Duplication or usage for reproduction
without the explicit written authorization of 'Auktions-haus Lösch' is prohibited by the copyright law and will be prosecuted.

In spite of the usage of latest technologies photos possibly maintain color deviation. Unfortunately we can not guarantee
accuracy of color reproduction.

With the descriptions of the general conditions the term 'neu im Okt' corresponds the word 'neu' to the actual state of the content. The package possibly show light storage damages that are
not described in detail. Positions of the category 'model cars' might show some light age-related traces in spite of their description as 'neu im Okt', for instance porous wheels, slight traces of corrosion on the wheels or on the spots that have not been painted. In addition to that there is a chance that some small parts are missing or broken (wheels, mirrors, etc.).

In the description of the position starting from 40000 on there is the material left out, it is always tin. If the material of the 'model cars' is not described, it will be always metal.

Notice: editorial articles are components of the description of the items.

The railroads up to H0 described as 'neuwertiger Zustand' might have slight traces of a test run on the polisher.

The books, portfolios, trading card albums, etc. are not inspected regarding completeness, a return is impossible. For that reason we recommend to preview those items. The conditions are good in general, with regular age- and usage-related traces.
Notes and marks are not commended separately.

As long as the consigner and the (successful) bidder do not make contrary statements they insure that they acquire the catalogue and the items offered in that, affecting the time from 1933 to 1945, that comes under §§ 86, 86a StGB, only for certain purposes, that are described in detail in § 86, clause 3 StGB.
Which are:
Civic information / education, Protection from unconstitutional and anticonstitutional attempts, Scientific and art-historical research, Information and report on development of events of the day or military-historical / regimental science.
The consigner / the auctioneer offers the items only under those premises. By making a bid the bidder obligates himself to purchase the items only for the reasons mentioned above. In additions to that he commits not to use them in a propagandistic matter, especially for those brought up in § 86a StGB.
The auctioneer is entitled to cancel lots, that come under § 86 and §
86a, without giving reasons, or to decline the acceptance of a bid / bidder, if there is no guarantee that the items serve the purpose referred
to in § 86, clause 3 StGB.
Details concerning telephone bidders
Please note that it is possible to send us written applications with your best bit or the request to be called during the auction to bid via telephone.
Be aware that we can't inform you during the auction if your best bid has been beaten. In addition to that we can't call you just to see whether you made the closing bid. As a telephone bidder you are committed to bid on this item
via telephone.For telephone bidders there is a minimum bid per lot of 100.- EUR, for military auction: 500.- EUR..
Telephone bidders who cannot be contacted at the time of call of the bidding position, automatically commit to the limit resp. the minimum of 100,- Euros.(military auction: 500.- EUR).
The telephone bid will be accepted as long as there is no higher bid.
Shortcuts used in the item descriptions

B= width
BK= loop and hook coupler
BN= road number
E=-Antrieb electric drive
GK= yellow catalogue
H= height
h.M.= hand-painted construction of mass
KK= dog clutch
L= length
LVP= retail price
MB= Mercedes Benz
MoY= Model of Yesteryear
n.A.d.E.= according to the statement of the consigner
NK= post-war
Okt= original packaging
S= range
STA= pantograph
VK= pre-war
vkks= chromed button with small lettering, 70's
vkss= chromed button with cursive, 50's / 60's
condition 0 (Z 0)= mint condition, minimal traces, for instance on the
slider (due to test runs) are possible
condition 1 (Z 1)= very good condition with small traces of usage
condition 2 (Z 2)= good condition, traces of usage, partially paint flaws
condition 3= (Z 3) used, but still in good condition
condition 4= (Z 4) used , visible traces of usage, small parts might be
condition 5 (Z 5)= the item ought to be used to get spare parts, parts
might be missing

* It is possible that items of mixed lots miss some small parts such as mirrors of cars, ordnance or poles of ships, tiny frames of railroads, etc.
In addition to that especially ships possibly have residues of glue or paint flaws due to the double-faced adhesive tape they are glued on.
* In case of mixed lots in the category of model cars the original boxes will not be checked for damages, repairs, markings etc.
* Model airplanes that are labelled 'WW' are described as 'Wiking' airplanes. It is not analysed whether it is about new or old models. Thus a preview is recommended.
* Mixed lots of railroads and wagons in original packaging might not be checked in detail. Potentially there are age-related traces or slight damages. The paperboard container might not fit to the content. We only randomly screened that.
* In case railroads have subsequently been digitalised and this is described in the catalogue we still did not check that. Neither can we guarantee that there is a decoder existent. It also might be that there are some slight damages visible.
* Mixed lots of military toys and figures, for instance Lineol and Elastolin figures, mass or rigid plastic, potentially have slight damages that have been overlooked while the lots were described. Thus a preview is recommended.
* Due to the huge amount of single parts we can not guarantee the completeness of construction sets, building blocks, games, etc.